Cider Pub of the Year

Cider Pub of the Year 2015

Real cider is a long-established traditional drink which is produced naturally from apples and is neither carbonated or pasteurised. However real cider is in a similar situation to that which faced real ale some 30 years ago with the number of outlets for real cider diminishing, even in the West Country. The situation with perry (which is made from pears) is even worse, as it is rarely available away from the farm gate. It is unfortunate that many of the most well known ciders in the UK are cold, fizzy keg products which have been produced artificially rather than naturally. CAMRA now allows fruit flavoured ciders and perries as long as actual fruit and not concentrate or artifical flavours are used.

Definition of Real Draught Cider & Perry:


The liquid content before fermentation must consist entirely of non-pasteurized apple (cider), or pear (perry) juice (AGM in 2015 allows whole fruit eg strawberries to be added)

No apple or pear juice concentrates to be used.

Normally, only the sugar naturally available in the fruit should be used to cause fermentation, but in years when the level of natural sugar in the fruit is low, the addition of extraneous sugar to aid fermentation is acceptable.


No pasteurization to take place during the production process.

No added colourings to be used.

No added flavourings to be used.

There must be no artificial carbonation for draught products.

Sweetener may be added to fully fermented Cider/Perry to make it sweet or medium.

The addition of water is permitted to bring the alcoholic content of the Cider/Perry down to the level required by the producer. Ideally, however the minimum juice content should not be lower than 90% volume.

No micro filtration allowed (this takes all the yeast, leaving a “dead” product).


If you are not sure if a cider or perry is “real” then there is a comprehensive list on the national and Newark website. Our Apple branch officer is Bobby Dobbins.

It is well worth you tracking down some real ciders and perries and more and more people are discovering for themselves how deliciously mellow, aromatic and intoxicating the flavours of naturally produced real cider can be.

In order to help you. Newark branch of CAMRA are holding a Cider Pub of the Year.

Nominations will be made at the August branch meeting. Between then and Newark’s food and cider weekend, CAMRA members will be out in force sampling the ciders and perries. We shall be looking for top quality and well kept real ciders and perries.

At the September branch meeting, we will be voting on those nominated pubs to find the winner. The award will be made during October, one of CAMRAs national cider and perry months.

Surveyors for Cider Pub of the Year can download a check list of the most common ciders that CAMRA does not recognise as being real.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

The most common reasons a cider or perry is not considered to be real are that it is carbonated, pasteurised, micro-filtered, or concentrate juice has been used.