Newark Beer & Cider Festival


Real cider is in a similar situation to that which faced real ale some 25 years ago as the number of outlets for real cider is diminishing, even in the West Country. The situation with perry is even worse, as it is rarely available away from the farm gate.

Cider – Real Cider, as opposed to the keg fizz that is usually found at the bar is made entirely from non-pasteurised apple juice (perry is made from pears) – no concentrates are used. In addition, no flavouring or artificial colourings are added.

To find out more about real cider and perry, click here.

At Newark Beer Festival the cider bar was historically drunk dry by enthusiastic punters. Following last year’s success with a larger selection, cider and perry stocks will again be plentiful. Those who enjoy the varied flavours created from apples and pears should be happier than ever!

Real Cider and PerryLike the beers at the event, everything sold at the cider bar is free from added gasses and crafted to produce exceptional flavours.

The cider list

We have an excellent selection of real ciders and perries this year.

Dark Raven 4.0%
Beard and Sabre – Gloucestershire
Sweet with toffee apple aroma and smooth finish.

Apple Smuggler 5.5%
Beard and Sabre – Gloucestershire
Dry and slightly cloudy with a light tannin finish.

Medium 8.0%
Biddendens – Kent
Smooth, with a crisp apple taste, fairly sweet and easy to drink.

Dry 8.0%
Biddendens – Kent
These Kent cider-makers use dessert and cooking apples rather than cider apples and the product is more wine-like than some more traditional ciders.

Bushels 6.0%
Biddendens – Kent
A strong, still cider produced using a blend of Kentish culinary & dessert apples.

Original Moonshine 7.5%
Broadoak – Somerset
Crisp clear fruity cider and a nice dry finish.

Original Perry 7.5%
Broadoak – Somerset
Sweet but incredibly refreshing with glorious pear aroma.

Kingston Black 6.5%
Ciderniks – West Berkshire
Medium dry winner 2015 CAMRA South of England.

Hunny Bubble 4.0%
Dorset Nectar – Dorset
Medium sweet cider with real orchard hive honey.

Celtic Warrior Cider 5.5%
Gwynt Y Draig – Mid Glamorgan
Traditional farmhouse cider – easy drinking, very smooth as the acidity is mellowed by the sweet taste.

Black Dragon 7.3%
Gwynt Y Draig – Mid Glamorgan
Matured in oak barrels to produce a cider rich in colour, body and flavour with a fresh fruity aroma.

Pyder 6.0%
Gwynt Y Draig – Mid Glamorgan
An out of the ordinary blend of apple and pear juice fermented and matured in wood.

Perry 4.5%
Gwynt Y Draig – Mid Glamorgan
This oak-aged Welsh perry is clear and has a caramel nose with a dry finish. Very lively and easy to drink.

Autumn Magic 4.0%
Gwynt Y Draig – Mid Glamorgan
This purple cider is made with blackberries and bursts with a fruity aroma.

Happy Daze 4.5%
Gwynt-y-Draig – Mid Glamorgan
Fruity, apply aroma, well balanced finish. A light and very easy to drink medium cider.

Two Trees Perry 4.5%
Gwynt-y-Draig – Mid Glamorgan
A pale, fruity perry with an aroma of fruit and a hint of honey on the palate.

Farmhouse 6.0%
Harry’s – Somerset
Traditional farmhouse cider.

Sundown 4.0%
Lyme Bay – Devon
Fruit cider displying a wonderful aroma of fresh apricots.

Farmhouse 6.0%
Moons – Somerset
Dry traditionally made farmhouse cider.

Vintage Pathfinder 7.2%
Perry’s – Somerset
Medium matured in vintage port and sheery barrels.

Rhubarb 4.0%
Pulp – West Yorkshire
A fresh zingy cider from whole apples and real Yorkshire rhubarb.

Damson 4.0%
Pulp – West Yorkshire
Herefordshire Cider, mixed with Damson Juice giving a very delicate note with a sweet finish and a complex flavour. The damson fruit gives a lovely pink purple hue to the cider.

Beetroot & Orange 4.0%
Pulp – West Yorkshire
A vibrant beet red cider created by melding the earthiness of beetroot with the subtle sweetness of oranges to create a delicious autumnal cider.

Alpaca Perry 6.5%
Ross on Wye (Broome Farm) – Herefordshire
Light cloudy yellow with no head. Aroma of the pear, quite zesty. Medium dry, quite refreshingly tart.

Traditional 5.0%
Sampford Courtney – Devon
Slightly sweet with a wonderful rich cider taste.

Medium 4.6%
Seacider – Sussex
Cider with plenty of Gala apples with a bit of a twang.

Sweet 6.0%
Sheppys – Somerset
Farmhouse Draught Cider at its finest.  Made from a variety of home-grown apples fermented in oak.

Blackberry & elderflower 4.0%
Sheppys – Somerset
It is a delicious combination of dessert apple cider with blackberry juice and elderflower infusion.

Perry 4.5%
Snailsbank – Herefordshire
Fruity medium perry with a complex yet balanced flavour.

Perry 6.0%
Tutts Clump – West Berkshire
Medium dry perry.

Wild Orchard 6.0%
Twisted – Dorset
Palate is medium sweet, with a drying tannic finish. Nice authentic rustic cider.

Misty 6.0%
Twisted – Dorset
Medium farmhouse light bodied fruity taste.

Festival Ferret 6.5%
Ty Gwyn – Monmouthshire
Medium premium still natural gold cider made with Dabinett apples.

Saxon Aelle 5.0%
Virtual Orchard – Buckinghamshire
Medium dry with a real twang mix of 5 early apple varieties.

Mooseheid Perry 5.0%
Waulkmill Cider – Dumfries and Galloway
A very easy drinking and smooth highly fruity Scottish CAMRA Champion.

Steel Bonnet Pyder 5.0%
Waulkmill Cider – Dumfries and Galloway
Medium dry, straw coloured, slightly cloudy blend of cider and perry.

Muckle Toon Rosie 5.0%
Waulkmill Cider – Dumfries and Galloway
Dry crisp slightly cloudy cider made with over 20 varieties of mainly Scottish apples.

Janet’s Jungle Juice 6.0%
Westcroft – Somerset
The award-winning CAMRA champion – full bodied tasty medium dry cider.

Old Rosie 7.3%
Westons – Herefordshire
Full flavoured, cloudy scrumpy with a well balanced medium dry flavour.

Country Perry 4.5%
Westons – Herefordshire
Still medium dry perry – retains natural pale colour.