IPA Trail 2017


India Pale Ale, or IPA, changed the face of brewing early in the 19th century. The new technologies of the Industrial Revolution enabled brewers to use pale malts to fashion beers that were genuinely golden or pale bronze in colour.

First brewed in London and Burton-on-Trent for the colonial market, particularly the troops in India, IPAs were strong in alcohol and high in hops: the preservative character of the hops helped keep the beers in good condition during long sea journeys.

Red and Black IPAs can now be found, and IPA is one of the most popular styles of the American Craft Beer community.

To celebrate this classic beer style, the Newark Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale is holding its fourth IPA Trail from the July 28th to August 6th, which includes International IPA day on Thursday 3rd August.

During the 10 days, 16 pubs across the branch area will be featuring IPA’s and other strong pales styles with strengths of 5% ABV and above. Derek Graham, a Newark CAMRA member and one of the Trail organisers said “There are numerous ale trails across the country with many of them themed on a particular beer style but we believe we were the first to celebrate IPA this way, when we held the first trail in 2013. This was once a classic British beer type and has now increased in popularity again. We are expecting in excess of 40 different IPA’s to be available during the 10 days. The Trail also gives us a chance to showcase many of the excellent pubs we have in the branch area.”


Participating pubs are:

Flying Circus – Newark
Prince Rupert – Newark
Fox & Crown – Newark
Organ Grinder – Newark
Sir John Arderne – Newark
Castle Barge – Newark
Final Whistle – Southwell
Hearty Goodfellow – Southwell
Old Coach House – Southwell
Roaring Meg – Newark
Real Ale Store – Newark
Just Beer – Newark
The Vaults – Newark
Cross Keys – Upton
The Ram – Newark

Clay Tavern – Newark
The Plough – Caunton