Newark Beer and Cider Festival Organiser

Role Description

This role would suit someone who would like to use their organisation skills leading a multi facited event.

Purpose of the role:

To organise our beer and cider festival in accordance with CAMRA’s rules and policy documents. The exact requirements will vary according to the size of the festival and how long it has been operating.

Key Activities

  • To act as chairman of the Festival Organising Committee.
  • To ensure all Festival Committee posts are filled.
  • Agree with each post holder the scope of their role ensuring that each person is not over burden volunteers with too many tasks.
  • To ensure that each meeting is properly minuted and that all actions from the meetings are completed. (You do not have to wait for the next meeting to ask if an action has been done.)
  • Working closely with the festival treasurer to produce the festival budget and follow procedures to get the festival approved by CAMRA’s festival budget coordinator.
  • Once the festival has been approved, ensuring that the expenditure is kept within budget.
  • Liaison with the venue owners and read the venue contract carefully. Ditto for marquee and any site and equipment hire eg portable toilets.
  • Ensure that the festival has the correct license for the event. This could be via the venue, a friendly landlord or a temporary event license. If you are using an existing venue licence ask to see it and check that it covers the festival.
  • Ensure that the festival is compliant with CAMRA’s health and safety procedures and guidelines.
  • Agree a communication plan to publicise the festival with the publicity officer, taking into consideration any local or national campaigns that could also be promoted.
  • To act as the spokesperson for the event with customers and the media unless this is delegated to another volunteer.

Code of conduct

  • To refrain from putting forward any personal points of view that is against CAMRA’s policy or might bring CAMRA into disrepute.
  • To ensure that the festival complies with current CAMRA policy.
  • To ensure that the festival complies with CAMRA’s Volunteer Charter
  • To ensure that all volunteers are treated with respect and are properly thanked.

Time Commitment

  • This role can take up as much time as you are prepared to give. Circa 1 to 2 hours a week is probably a minimum except on the run up to the Festival when more hours per week might be needed.
  • Attendance at branch meetings is desirable.
  • The time commitment will depend on the type and size of festival and how much can be delegated to other volunteers. It is recommended that the previous post holder is asked or an organiser of another festival of a similar size. Your regional director will be able to assist.

Skills etc needed

  • Good organisational skills.
  • Good written communication skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Access to a computer and the internet.
  • Ability to control meetings.
  • Ability to delegate.


  • Support is available from CAMRA’s Branch Support team (
  • Advice and guidance on CAMRA policy is available from branch committee members and where, appropriate, people who have previously held the post. The regional director and the beer festival budget coordinators can also help.
  • The Campaigner will run articles on best practice, with hints and tips from other branches from time to time. You can sign up by emailing:, including your membership number and email address.