Daily archives: January 20, 2013

Prince Rupert BeerMuda beer festival list.

Here is the list for the Prince Rupert round of this week’s upcoming BeerMuda Triangle beer fest: MAGIC ROCK Curious 3.8 Rapture 4.6 High wire 5.5 FYNE ALES Highlander 4.8 Vital Spark 4.4 TITANIC Chocolate Vanilla Stout 4.5 Nautical Mild 4.4 THEAKSTONS Old Peculier 5.6 MILESTONE American Pale Ale 4.6 Shine On 4.0 Fletchers 5.2 Uncle Sams Tripple Hop 5.5 Dark Galleon 5.4 Imperial Pale Ale 4.8 NEWARK Newark Pride 4.0 Plus reserves from Blue monkey, Navigation, Welbeck Abbey.