A trip down the Sunset Strip.

Three cracking boozers in Southwell at the moment, all within three hundred yards of each other.
First up, the Bramley Apple. Six beers on offer:

  • Springhead Charlies Angel
  • Springhead Liberty
  • Wadworth 6X
  • Ossett Madaline Lily
  • Outlaw Wranger
  • Copper Dragon Orange Pipin

On to the Old Coach House, Again six beers:

  • Newmans Red Castle cream
  • Batemans XB
  • Wells bombadier
  • Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted
  • GK Old Speckled Hen
  • Nottingham Rock Bitter

Then to the Hearty Goodfellow, another six:

  • Titanic Iceberg
  • Brains SA
  • Everards Tiger
  • Burton Bridge Golden Delicious
  • Newmans Red Castle Cream (the only crossover of the day)
  • Clarkes Billy the Kid

Three pubs, 300 yards, 17 different beers. No wonder the locals are calling it the Sunset Strip! Back to Newark then and into the Castle, where we found another six!

  • Oldershaws Mowbrays Mash
  • Oldershaws Old Boy
  • Maypole Mayhem
  • Sharpes IPA
  • Theakston XB
  • Coach House Cheshire Gold

What a brilliant selection and a great day out.

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