The 15th Newark Beer FestivalA beer has been specially commissioned by Newark CAMRA and will be brewed by an ex-pat brewer now living in Matabeleland using his own self-cultivated ‘Pygmy’ hops and special Marris Colda malt, imported from Siberia.

Because of the extremely low duty on beer in Zimbabwe, Newark CAMRA are able to import the beer at virtually no cost and, in what we think is a first, give all our customers FREE BEER throughout the festival weekend. The beer, a dark, rich, 1.04% porter is called ‘Ploofrail’ which is the Shona word for ‘All is not what it seems’ and will not be available anywhere else before or after the festival.

A CAMRA spokesman said “We have always considered Newark CAMRA as being an innovative branch and think this is the first time a CAMRA beer festival has given all its beer away. If it is successful, hopefully other festivals and pubs should follow.”

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