Ghost serves free beer. Yeah, right!

The following story appeared in the BelgianShop Newsletter this week (


Pub owners displeased by a ghost serving clients beer free of charge.

A Hampshire pub landlady plans to call in an exorcist to get rid of a ghost that keeps topping up drinkers’ glasses, The Telegraph posted last week.

Janice McCormack, of the Apsley House in Southsea, says the spectre is costing her a fortune as he gives away her beer.

Ms McCormack, 60, said: “It happens when customers pop to the loo or put their pint down for a second. When they look back there’s an extra inch of beer. It must come from my pumps.”

Regulars have nicknamed the phantom barman Reedy – after actor and legendary boozer Oliver Reed.

Ms McCormack, who runs the pub with husband Patrick, said the ghost started its antics nine months ago.

She said: “My regulars love it but it is costing me. People are drinking less as their pints are being filled up all the time. My stocktaking figures are all out.

“We get more customers through the door but it seems to be people expecting a cheap, never-ending pint.”

She now plans to hold a seance to ask the poltergeist to quit – and if that fails she will seek an exorcist to get him out.

Regular John Sanders, 27, said: “I will certainly miss old Reedy because he keeps me topped up.

“If you drink in the Apsley you were always guaranteed a hangover – and would always have money left in your pocket for a kebab on the way home.”


No coincidence that it’s Haloween in a couple of week’s time? Hmmmm…

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