LocAle: just to clarify

It has become apparent in the recent months that some of our pubs with the LocAle accreditation may not be keeping up their side of the bargain as well as might be expected. Whilst we realise it is not always possible to guarantee having a local brew on offer 100% of the time, there have been a few instances that have come to our notice of accredited pubs not fulfilling the requirement a little too often.

So, in return for the positive local publicity that comes with accreditation, please serve a local beer – full details of your pub’s qualifying breweries are available from Newark CAMRA. Also, a little staff knowledge does not go amiss. On a recent night out, a group of us visited an accredited pub, which did not have a LocAle on offer. When questioned, the barmaid on duty told us that all the ales on offer were in fact local, when actually most of them were brewed a good 200 miles from Newark!

This is the unedited version of an article originally submitted by H for the Beer Gutter Press, Issue No.37

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