CAMRA Annual Raffle 2010 1

Don’t forget to send back your CAMRA annual raffle tickets!  All proceeds from the CAMRA raffle are being allocated to our ‘Save the Pub’ campaigning fund, so please help support us. Raffle closing date: 17th September, so please hurry! 1st Prize £3,000 2nd Prize £1,000, 3rd Prize A year’s Beer Club Membership PLUS… 20 smaller prizes For more information on the raffle and to order more tickets visit

First Merits Awarded

The AGM last night was well attended. Before the boring formal stuff there were some presentations made. Firstly, a cheque for £1,100 was given to MacMillan Cancer Support, this year’s nominated charity. Then four awards: ‘Certificates of Merit’ were presented to Kenny Munro of Milestone Brewery, Rob Neil of Maypole Brewery, Paul Goodman, landlord of the Vine in Newark and Steve Hussey, landlord of the Hearty Goodfellow in Southwell. This is the first time these awards have been made and […]

LocAle: just to clarify

It has become apparent in the recent months that some of our pubs with the LocAle accreditation may not be keeping up their side of the bargain as well as might be expected. Whilst we realise it is not always possible to guarantee having a local brew on offer 100% of the time, there have been a few instances that have come to our notice of accredited pubs not fulfilling the requirement a little too often. So, in return for […]

A bevvy (or two) in Beverley 4

What a brilliant weekend we just had! After years of talking about it, we finally went to visit the pubs of Beverley and to make the best of it, we had an overnight stay. En-route, we stopped off in Hull to visit the two National Inventory pubs, Ye Olde White Harte and Ye Olde Black Boy, conveniently situated within gobbing distance of each other. They both claim to be the oldest pub in Hull but, we were told, the Harte […]