Yarr! It be International TLAP day!!

Avast me hearties! This Saturday, Septemby 19th, be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yarr! An’ to celebrate it, the scallywags from the good ship CAMRA be talkin’ like pirates all day. Not only that, we be dressin’ like ‘em too! YARR!

We be settin’ a-sail on a Wright’s waggon an’ goin’ plunderin’ the locals for dubloons in aid o’ charity aroun’ the villages o’ the shire. An’while we be at it, we be drinkin’ plenty o’ the local grog too! YARRRR!!!

To join up wi’ our crew o’ scurvy sea dogs, please be pipin’ a message to Cap’n Stuie Shortpants on 07804 805 096 or be sendin’ ‘im an e-bottle at socials@newarkcamra.org.uk. But rememby, if ye ain’t bein’ dressed like a pirate ye ain’t a-boardin’ ship an’ settin’ sail wi’ us. Meanwhile, ye can be brushin’ up on yer pirateese an’ be alearnin’ other pirate stuff at www.yarr.org.uk/

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