Daily archives: December 12, 2009

Beer Tickers – the movie

Yes, they’ve really gone and done it! Those of you that attend the Newark Beer Festival, couldn’t help but to have noticed a group of people who secrete themselves into a corner, acquire several tables on which to spread out their paperwork and then proceed to sample as many beers as they can, drinking some and decanting others into Panda Pop bottles for later consumption. Yum! Well, this elite group of  much ridiculed beer enthusiasts have had a film made […]

Save our Boozer 2

Well, I was wrong about the Blighty TV series, ‘Save our Boozer’. It featured three, not five, different pubs struggling to survive. Although all three were taken on by the local community, each had different problems which were tackled in different ways. I particularly enoyed the second programme which featured the Greyhound. They organised a pub crawl by steam bus which called in at surrounding village pubs for a quick half before dropping everyone back at the Greyhound for dinner […]