Pub of the Year 2015 Statement

It is clear that there has been some misunderstanding and misinformation regarding Pub of the Year  2015. It is hoped this statement eases concerns and allows us to move on.

We used the national scoring scheme which is available for all to see at any branch meeting. All of the assessors scores were used. None were deleted or changed in any way. These scores are in whole numbers. No half marks are allowed. On adding together all the scores we found that two pubs could not be separated by this numerical method. To the nearest whole number,  both had the same score.

We had to use a different criteria. We looked carefully at all the scores and considered the results from previous years. The criteria on our website does not say what to do in the event of a tie. With assessors and committee members with many years experience between them, and after prolonged discussion,  we decided that the next criteria would be “the most improved pub”. This gave a clear winner.

As Chairman, I realise we should have had a concise statement ready for release. I apologise that we did not. We also need to add the above criteria or something similar for next year in case the same situation should arise.

Our branch has the opportunity to discuss and agree changes during the next few months.

Andrew Birkhead, Chairman.

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