Thursday night out

We had a walk into town last night for a bite to eat and a few beers. Those that know me won’t be surprised to hear that the first port of call was Wetherspoons for a pint and a curry. Chicken Jalfrezi, rice, 2 pops with a pickle and a nan bread and a good pint of Directors, all for £4.99 – unbeatable value! Very busy – no surprise.

After a second pint of Directors we went to the Fox & Crown. Usual nonsense meant that the wife got 20p discount but I didn’t (article to be submitted to BGP). Enjoyable pint of Castle Rock Reed, if a little on the cold side. Not particularly busy here, but steady.

Last visit was to the Castle, where Thursday night is a rare night without music. Milestone Lion’s Pride was enjoyable and only £2 per pint. Second time I’ve seen a £2 pint in the Castle, maybe it’s a regular offer? Friendly greeting from the bar staff, but relatively quiet I thought, compared to recent visits.

Walked past the OKA on the way home – 10.15 and nobody in there. Not good.

Tomorrow I be dressin’ like a pirate and talkin’ like one too, aye. Ye be readin’ all ’bout it soon an lookin’ at some photies.